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Please LOGIN / REGISTER to make calls at these rates. Your personal access number will be assigned to you once you log in. You'll also be able to call via Voice-over-IP / SIP using your PC or your mobile phone.

Route explanation:

Lowcost (Route 100 and 200): Decent quality, cheapest possible. Callee might not see your Caller ID.
Standard (Route 300): Normal quality. Still cheap. Caller ID gets transmitted most of the time.
Premium (Route 400): Perfect quality. Least cheap. Caller ID gets transmitted at all times.

Red = cheapest price

CodeLowcost (Route 100)Lowcost (Route 200)Standard (Route 300)Premium (Route 400)
Venezuela +580.010160.008000.010620.01437
Venezuela Caracas +582120.010910.008000.011400.01500
Venezuela Mobile +5840.01520
Venezuela Mobile +58410.012510.013060.02725
Venezuela Mobile Digitel +584120.063950.057000.063000.07415
Venezuela Mobile Movistar +584140.073290.050800.076000.08078
Venezuela Mobility Services +584152170.030760.032250.18067
Venezuela Mobile - Movilnet +584160.021610.025100.023150.02718
Venezuela Mobile Movistar +584240.073290.050800.076000.08078
Venezuela Mobile Movilnet +584260.021610.025100.023150.02718
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All pricing is per minute and in EUR.